Nestled right between the Atlantic & the Mediterranean, Morocco is truly a crossroads of world cultures. The small kingdom of 30 million people sits at the western tip of Africa, just 7 miles from the coast of Spain across the Strait of Gibraltar. Morocco’s vibrant culture reflects centuries of European, West African, Arab, and indigenous influences.

rabat red.jpg

A Gate 1 traveler took this colorful photo last week on our 13 Day Kaleidoscope of Morocco tour. The group visited Rabat, Morocco’s coastal capital, where the traveler took advantage of the refreshing Atlantic breezes by the beach. “This city is overwhelmingly beautiful,” she notes.

From Rabat, our tour continues to Fez to visit its famous tanneries and wander its ancient medina, and dine with a local family. We’ll spend nights in the cedar woods of the Atlas Mountains, the vast Sahara Desert, and the towering canyons of Ouarzazate before arriving in Marrakesh, site of the lively Jema al Fna square. After a whirlwind of tastes, geographies, sounds and cities, you’ll fall in love with Morocco’s mosaic of cultures.

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