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Experience the Greatest Wonders of the World: Zambia, Botswana & South Africa

The southern region of Africa is as photogenic as they come, showcasing euphoric animals, sweeping sand dunes, and beaches clad with penguins. From sunrise to sunset, these natural scenes unfold for all to see, filling in your scrapbook without any trouble.

A Taste of East Africa: Experience the Culture and Cuisine

No matter where your travels take you, it will be nearly impossible to match the rich culture and cuisine that is found in eastern Africa. For those who have traveled this route, they would agree that this side of Africa has electric energy made even more apparent by its perfectly-posed wildlife and fearless safari leaders.

What to See in Cairo – A City of Contrasts

Cairo is a city of paradoxes, full of ancient historic sites and neighborhoods, modern suburbs, fantastic museums, delicious and exotic food, and colorful but chaotic and crowded streets. As part of a tour package to Egypt provided by Gate1 Travel, […]

Egypt – An Ancient Country of Contrasts

I recently took my first trip to amazing and colorful Egypt, the land of Civilizations. This fascinating country has plenty to offer, including jaw dropping 5,000 year old temples and ruins, fantastic museums, beautiful natural […]

Egyptian Cuisine: Must-Try Dishes

As you parade through a mixture of modern Egypt and the ancient marvels it beholds, you’ll work up an appetite for the cultural-rich menu that the country has to offer.

A Wildlife Exploration Through Uganda

Nestled into Africa’s cocoon of visually stunning countries is Uganda, home to diverse species and natural wonders. A variety of travel experiences are open for tourists within these borders, with active travel making up a […]

A Thrilling Safari in Kenya: Where to Go and How to Do It

Picture large umbrella trees with a backdrop canvas of a fiery sunset. Before the landscape sinks into this twilight, a wide array of African wildlife spends their day scattered throughout the terrain, spotted by tourists […]

The Ultimate Kenya and Tanzania Itinerary – Top Places to Visit

Africa contains a beautiful conglomerate of culturally-rich countries and beguiling wildlife worth experiencing in one’s lifetime. Of all the countries to visit in Eastern Africa, Kenya and Tanzania stand out as the crowd favorite, given […]

Virtual Travel Day 3: Kenya & Tanzania Safari

Virtual Travel Day 3: Kenya & Tanzania Safari This was my first time on an African Safari and it remains one of the most memorable trips that I have been on. To see these animals […]

Virtual Travel Day 1: Morocco

Since we can’t travel right now, we thought we’d check-in with one of our videographers and get his take on some of his favorite videos. Enjoy the first in this series, from Larry, one of […]