The southern region of Africa is as photogenic as they come, showcasing euphoric animals, sweeping sand dunes, and beaches clad with penguins. From sunrise to sunset, these natural scenes unfold for all to see, filling in your scrapbook without any trouble.

While a two-week period will allow you to barely scratch the surface of southern Africa’s lure, our 13-day tour through Zambia, Botswana, and South Africa provides an immersive opportunity to experience these wonders firsthand. Bring your best safari style, camera gear, and binoculars for this daydreaming adventure.

Rivers and Falls and Railways

Challenging many individuals’ perceptions of Africa are the continent’s bodies of water, adding to its diverse landscape. During your travels, you’ll have the chance to experience these in a unique way, first through a sunset cruise down the Zambezi River. Animal sightings might include hippos, elephants, and buffalo. Eventually, this river plunges downward, creating the iconic scene of Victoria Falls. This UNESCO World Heritage Site is a highlight of the trip, often presenting a rainbow for viewers to awe over.

As the day goes on, your legs might begin to tire, putting you in the perfect position to board a restored steam train. Enjoy a pre-dinner train ride along the aged railway lines, peeking out your window to spot some remote whereabouts.

A Day of Game Drives

Situated in northern Botswana is a solitary stretch of preserved land named Chobe National Park. Its grasslands and watering holes are the breeding grounds for a variety of wildlife native to Africa. Picture sturdy elephants, long-necked giraffes, striped zebras, and regal lions. These big-name animals make up a larger picture of wildlife that gallivant through this protected area. Your trip will allow you and your travel mates to rest in an open safari vehicle while scouting out the best viewing spots in both the early morning and the sun-drenched afternoon.

Setting Chobe apart from its rival game drives is its suitable environment for bird watching, as it is home to a variety of species ranging in size, color, and demeanor. You’ll want to make sure you’ve packed those infamous binoculars for this day of the trip.

Enjoy Safari Cruises on More Than One Occasion

Safaris are not meant to be landbound. This immersive tour through southern Africa’s best wonders will give you ample opportunity to view wildlife from differing points of view, with safari cruises reigning supreme for many. In the aforementioned Chobe National Park, travelers will also have the option to embark on a sunset safari cruise, enjoying an evening gliding past hippos, buffalo, and antelope.

Okavango Delta, on the other hand, is a swampy paradise reached by aircraft. These grasslands are notorious for becoming flooded at certain points of the year, but their presence in the Kalahari Desert makes an ideal habitat for a number of animals, including ostrich, crocodiles, and wildebeests.

Other safari activities that can be optionally included in your itinerary include canoe cruises, nature walks, and fishing expeditions.

The Highlights of Cape Town

Cape Town, South Africa, is a port city with scenic coastal views, mountaintops, and architectural hotspots. With your time here, you’ll be encouraged to explore the city’s colorful appeal. Most importantly, you’ll want to ascend to Table Mountain, approachable either by a hike or taking an aerial cable car, the latter of which allows visitors to peacefully overlook the city below.

Upon descending from the mountaintop, make a brief stop at the Milnerton Lighthouse, a distinguished white beam that acts as a nautical guard.

Included in your tour is a home-cooked meal with your host family, allowing for a cultural exchange of stories, flavorful food, and good company.

A trip to Cape Town wouldn’t be complete without visiting Boulders Beach, a protected area home to a lovable penguin colony that spends its days waddling on the sand and jumping in the water.

Wine Tours and Fishing Villages

South Africa has a thriving wine production scene, with a variety of vineyards mapping out a wine route perfect for a day of sampling these bottles. In the town of Franschhoek, you’ll be able to board a hop-on-hop-off tram through the lush wine valley, making intermittent stops at a handful of estates and finishing with the university town of Stellenbosch.

Find more wildlife before leaving Africa with a tour through Cape Peninsula, making a stop at the fishing village of Hout Bay and the Cape of Good Hope Nature Reserve. Here, you’ll likely spot some cheeky baboons, horned bonteboks, and more.

Finish off your drive by the seaside and prepare for your final moments in southern Africa, reminiscing on the diverse wonders of the world you witnessed in this short span of time.

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