Thai food is full of contrasts: sweet and spicy, tangy and savory. We know this complex cuisine is best enjoyed at its source, and that’s why the Thailand portion of our tours are packed with lavish meals, a trip to a floating market, and a private dinner cruise. (Sightseeing varies per itinerary)

1. Red Pork Noodle Soup (Kuay Teow Moo Daeng)

You’ll never find this soup outside of Thailand, but it’s worth the trip: red pork, sprouts, bok choy and noodles in a pork-onion broth, best eaten with a bit of chili pepper.


2. Panang Gai

Chicken, fried with red curry paste and smothered in coconut cream topped with lime leaves, makes for a dynamic plate bursting with flavor.

panang gai.jpg

3. Pad Ga Pow Moo Kai Dow

This stir-fried dish can be made with chicken, pork or minced meat and fried with oil, garlic, chilies, green beans and basil. Usually served over a pile of rice with a fried egg. You can find the dish almost anywhere in Thailand, but it’s best enjoyed in small local eateries.

Thai food

4. Kuay Tiew (Noodle Soup)

Noodle soup is a Thai staple, with dozens of variations. Thin noodles are paired with a meat like duck, pork or seafood, perfectly spiced and peppered with greens. You might need to set aside a few days to try them all!


5. Mango Sticky Rice

We finish our list with a dessert. Picture sweet, ripe mangoes on a bed of sticky rice & coconut cream syrup – sweet, tangy and delicious!

mango sticky rice.jpg

Join a Gate 1 Travel tour for a true taste of Thailand. Enjoy these delicious culinary delights in the country that has inspired them all. Maybe visit a traditional floating market, where local farmers and villagers trade aboard small Sampan boats loaded with goods.

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