Traveler Jeff Armington had been waiting his whole life to see aurora borealis, the natural polar light display that can be seen in Arctic latitudes. “Through Gate 1 Travel, this experience would become possible sooner than I had ever imagined,” he says.

“With the sun setting behind us, the aurora began to grow with fierce intensity. [As] my friend Terii described it… ‘The heavens literally drenched us in a cascade of energy, colors, and frightening forms’.”



“Every time I look at the photo seen above, I find myself reflecting on how amazing and mesmerizing Planet Earth can be.”

For the best chance to glimpse aurora borealis, head to Iceland’s more rural north. Gate 1 Travel’s six-day package with Akureyri includes two nights at the head of Iceland’s longest fjord, 200 miles north of the capital. Add Lake Myvatn and the nearby natural hot springs, considered one of the most beautiful places in Iceland.

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