In March, California’s Death Valley erupted into a beautiful carpet of wildflowers, a “super bloom” not seen in over a decade thanks to unusually heavy rainfall.

Last year, Chile’s Atacama desert also witnessed an explosion of beautiful pink wildflowers after a season of record-breaking rainfall in the world’s driest desert.

Floral landscapes might be rare in some arid regions, but many Middle Eastern locales which seem barren to newcomers are teeming with life, especially after the winter rains.

Rough Guides says March to May is the ideal time to visit Jordan, “when temperatures are toasty but not scorching, wildflowers are out everywhere (even the desert is carpeted), and the hills and valleys running down the center of the country are lush and gorgeously colorful…and low, clear sunlight draws a spectacular kaleidoscope of color and texture from the desert rocks.”

Wadi Rum

Springtime in Wadi Rum means pleasant temperatures and 9 hours of sunlight, giving travelers the rare opportunity to see sunrise and sunset during normal waking hours in the seasonally lush valley. Signature Collection’s tour of Israel & Jordan offers a full day to explore the valley in 4×4 vehicles, perfect for capturing the unique sight of Wadi Rum’s ancient river beds filled with flowers beneath its massive, wind-sculpted mountains.

Judaean Desert

Israel is a country known for “making the desert bloom”, and it’s easy to see why from a vantage point like Masada, the cliff-top fortress in the Judaean desert. Ascend the plateau by cable car for a breathtaking view overlooking the Dead Sea.


Known as the “Pompeii of the East”, Jerash is one of the best-preserved Roman provincial towns in the world, uncovered after centuries hidden under the sand. Views of Jerash’s ancient ruins come alive in the springtime, with warm sunshine and bright wildflowers blanketing the hills surrounding the site. Our Signature tour allows plenty of time to relax & reflect on the beauty of the area with a stay at the Movenpick Resort & Spa in a lush garden on the northern shores of the Dead Sea.

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