Jessie (Instagram: @15minutes_late) traveled to Italy with Gate 1 on our 13 Day Affordable Croatia & Slovenia with Venice tour. “Venice was the perfect bookend to a wonderful 2 weeks in Europe,” Jessie says. “As a solo traveler, Gate 1 provided a great mix between group travel and solo exploration. Once we checked in to our hotel in Venice, I dropped my bags and headed out to explore. I grabbed the best pistachio gelato at a place I never found again, and made turn after turn, snapping pictures along the way.”

Jessie spent her leisure time exploring the winding alleys of Venice. “I pretty much ate my way through the city, snacked on a sandwich while I watched a woman hang her laundry to dry and enjoyed a coffee while watching a grocery store receive a delivery. I found the best little pasta shop, no tables or chairs, just a bar top & a name I can’t remember. I got completely lost, but figured I couldn’t wander too far – it is an island, after all!”

Along the way, she spotted this little canal framed by colorful walls. “When I took this photo, I had just finished sucking down a bowl of pasta & pesto and I was back to wandering around the streets of Venice… I could hear the hustle & bustle of the Grand Canal, just a few short minutes’ walk away, but I couldn’t see any of the chaos. Somehow, in that specific spot, the water was calm & no one was around. I had the whole bridge, the whole canal, to myself.”

lost in venice photo friday

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