Where but Iceland can you relax in a hot spring and hike a glacier in one day? Iceland is split between the North American and Eurasian tectonic plates, which are slowly separating each year. This geologic oddity means the tiny island is home to a host of natural wonders, including volcanoes, glaciers, and hot springs.

Ashley (@smashleylanders) took this photo of the Blue Lagoon after a short hike on rugged lava fields nearby. “The lagoon was our first visual experience of Iceland,” Ashley says. “The spa at Blue Lagoon was the perfect way to recover from the flight.”

photo friday Iceland blue lagoon ashley landers

Ashley traveled to Iceland on Gate 1’s 5 Day Iceland’s Northern Lights package. “My best friend and I travel together every year, and this was the perfect long-weekend trip,” she says. “Everyone is extremely friendly and Reykjavik is very quaint, accessible, and safe. The Golden Circle Tour is a must-see. Each site gives you a better perspective on how Iceland harnesses and utilizes its natural resources.”

plates separating.jpg

Ashley also stopped for a shot of the Mid-Atlantic ridge, where the two continents have separated. We have this tiny chasm to thank for shaping Iceland into a landscape unlike anywhere else on Earth!

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