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Gate 1 traveler Stephen Wang visited China on our 14 Day China with 4 Day Yangtze River Cruise, and he’s sharing the story of his travels on his photography website. Stephen opted to take a guided tour with his father on his first trip to China, where his grandparents originated, “since neither of us speak Chinese, and we don’t have family there anymore,” he says.  “It was a fantastic trip, and it was great to experience the country my ancestors are from.”

Though the 14-day tour includes visits to China’s key tourist sites, including the Great Wall, Three Gorges Dam and the Terracotta Army, “we also got to explore on our own and experience the local culture outside the touristy areas,” Stephen notes. “One of my favorite parts of the trip was walking through local markets and checking out all the fruits, vegetables, meats, and even a dentist.” He and his father took the optional tour to Suzhou, where Stephen’s grandmother is from, for a boat ride through the city’s meandering canals.

Though not usually a cruiser, Stephen said the Yangtze River cruise route “passing through gorges and seeing towns along the shore definitely beats being out in the middle of the ocean.” He snapped some amazing photos of the many sights along the riverbanks, including the traditional stilt houses of the Three Gorges tribe, wild monkeys, and jaw-dropping cliffs and caves.

Stephen appreciated the additional value that our local tour managers provide. “Our guide Jason did a fantastic job showing us around, organizing our accommodations, and sharing his vast knowledge of his country with us,” he says.

Click here for more details about our 14-day China tour, and head over to Stephen’s blog to see his incredible photos from the trip!

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