Gate 1 traveler Sharon (@sharon_berardino) caught a glimpse of these two playful elephant teens in action on Gate 1’s small-group Discovery tour 11 Day Kenya Safari Exploration.

“My Kenya experience with Gate 1 exceeded all expectations! Every day was a truly magical adventure- from navigating washed out roads, spying leopard and cheetah in the afternoons, looking forward to finding out what our next delicious meal was going to be, remembering to tie up our tents in the morning to keep the pesky (albeit adorable) monkeys out- it was absolutely perfect across the board!”

elephant friends

Sharon and her traveling companions got an up-close view of elephants in their natural habitat.”We had such an amazing morning that day- several elephant families were crossing the river (babies and all) as we pulled up in our jeep with Rafael, our guide. We stopped and watched for a good half hour or so, taking in all of the elephants’ antics! The two elephants in question were estimated to be “teenagers” and you know male teenagers! Always horsing around!”

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