Call them gypsies, nomads or wanderers, Mark & Kate are truly Vagrants of The World by doing what most of us only wish we had the courage to do: sell everything you own and travel the world. Like many stories about following dreams, it was a combination of good timing and luck that permitted this couple to turn their passion into a lifestyle. Through their photographs, we followed them around the medieval landscape The Dalmatian Isles, Croatia & Slovenia provides. The Vagrants’ mantra of “Inspiration and ideas through slow travel and living local” epitomizes what our Discovery Tours offer. Each unique itinerary reveals the world in an intimate, unfiltered and authentic way. It is only with a small group size that allows you to truly savor the beauty of the destination.

Novice or newcomer… day or night… Mark & Kate provide easy, feasible methods of capturing moments you’ll want to relive at home again and again. Plus, find out their first hand recommendations on how to experience this magical archipelago to the fullest!

If you enjoy the value and convenience of escorted tours, but also crave an intimate view of local cultures that large groups can’t provide, then you’ll love Discovery Tours by Gate 1. Learn more about the tour the Vagrants selected or explore all of our destinations and be en route to your next adventure!

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