Oh London, you own the key to our hearts in many ways, but who thought eating something other than Chicken Tikka Masala and an English Breakfast was a must in your city? It’s time to schedule a trip specifically for the purpose of eating and come into Londontown with an empty belly ready for good eats! We’ve compiled a list sure to make any foodie get their fill while in this magnificent city. Put on your stretchy pants and pace yourself because this list is delicious.


10. Borough Market
You’ve arrived in London with a group or by yourself and you want something that will satisfy the hungry. It’s time to head over to Southwark Street via the London Bridge Tube Stop and stop at the Borough Market; a place known for fresh produce but also with several food stalls throughout. Foods worth noting include the chorizo roll at Brindisa, the cheese toastie at Kappacasein and the array of cheeses at Neal’s Yard Dairy Borough Market Shop. Indian food, donuts, pubs and oysters are all available at this must-visit market, meaning satisfaction is basically guaranteed. If you’re in London for a few days, getting produce at the market is something you will want to do. This way you’ll have a delicious snack for later on!

9. Dum Biryani
If you want cheap and delicious Indian food, look no further than Dum Biryani, located in Soho on Wardour Street. The closest tube stop is Tottenham Court Road Station and then a quick walk. Traditionally, Biryani is a side dish in an Indian meal, but Dum Biryani makes it a perfect meal for two. We recommend getting one lamb shank, vegetable or chicken biryani for two and adding some sides such as naan, mutton fry, warm milk pudding or coconut prawns. Bring your appetite while dining here because you will get a lot of food for your money and it is tasty!

8. Koya Bar
If English Breakfast Udon in a rustic Japanese atmosphere sounds like the perfect setting for breakfast, look no further than Koya Bar in Soho. To get to Koya Bar take the tube to Leicester Square or Tottenham Court Road and take a short walk through Soho to noodle heaven. Koya bar specializes in Udon and has many different kinds, from hot to cold, with an array of sauces and delicious toppings. From curry and prawn tempura Donburi to the must-try English Breakfast Udon, there is a delicious dish for every taste at this eatery. Be sure to try some plum wine, sake, or Kirin beer to get the full experience while at Koya Bar.

7. Roux at the Landau
Welcome to a fine dining establishment run by the most famous father-son team in the British Restaurant Scene, Albert Roux and Michael Roux Jr. This restaurant, serving French cuisine, is located in the Marylebone part of London and accessible from the Oxford Circus Underground Station stop. Although the restaurant is located in the sophisticated, historic Langham hotel, the surroundings are bright and contemporary, giving you a relaxing dining experience. First, chose your delicious wine from a huge selection. Then pick from an assortment of tender meats, inventive fish dishes, and main courses that will melt in your mouth. The desserts at Roux at the Landau are in a category all their own. Chose from a rum-infused banana souffle, a vanilla croquant, a selection of French and British cheeses, and many more! Best of all, everything has a perfect wine pairing to go along with it!

6. Ottolenghi
Whether you’re a vegetarian or love middle-eastern-inspired food, Ottolenghi is the place for you. With 5 different locations, which include Nopi, Spitalfields, Islington, Notting Hill and Belgravia, this unique restaurant offers either takeaway or a sit-down restaurant, depending on the location. This way you can chose the way you want to eat! While here you must try the eggplant with tamarind yogurt or seared tuna with chili and sesame. For desert have a chocolate hazlenut brownie, meringue or a pistachio cake! This restaurant has a big following so they have a website that offers recipes, books and an online shop, in case eating at the establishment wasn’t enough to get your fill.

5. The Clove Club

The Clove Club started off from humble beginnings as a supper club hosted by the owners Daniel Willis, Johnny Smith and chef Isaac McHale, and it even kept the name! From there, The Clove Club relocated to the Shoreditch Town Hall and is easily accessible by the Shoreditch High Street or Old Street tube stop. The chef has devised a five-course and seven-course tasting meal that is to die for! While here, must tries include the warm haggis buns, buttermilk fried chicken and raw Orkney scallop. Just recently named one of the 50 World’s Best Restaurants, you know this place will not disappoint the hungry.

4. Poppies Fish & Chips
We wouldn’t feel right creating a London food list without mentioning the most famous British dish ever; Fish and Chips. Luckily, you can go almost anywhere in London and there will be a Fish and Chips restaurant located close by. If you want to try the best of the best though, we must recommend Poppies. Poppies is located in Shoreditch and can be accessed through the Aldgate East Tube stop. You can choose to order either haddock or cod and the french fries are nice and crispy on the outside, yum!The restaurant also offers a place to sit down and eat, which is sometimes a rarity for an on-the-go meal like fish and chips. Have a delicious wine, beer or tea here and you’re basically British!

3. Gymkhana
We know London is famous for their Indian food, so if you want to taste and enjoy the best of the best, go to Gymkhana, located in Mayfair, near the Green Park tube stop. To eat here, it is best to come with a big group and order items a la carte, so you can try as many delicious dishes as possible. Prepare yourself for a feast because that is what you will get here. Be sure to try the Punjabi samosas, Saag paneer and Tandoori masala lamb chops. Enjoy this fancy establishment that manages to keep it comfortable with messy food and large booths. Be sure to enjoy a delicious sweet drink or wine while at Gymkhana.

2. St. John Maltby
Need we say more than donuts? Well luckily, St. John Maltby has more than just delicious brioche donuts filled with jelly or custard, if you’re into that sort of thing. St John Maltby is located about a 10 minutes walk from the Bermondsey or London Bridge Station tube stops. The atmosphere here is busy and compact, but worth it. The restaurant has food stalls and tables that are set up on the street so there is plenty of room to enjoy their delicious fare. Other dishes worth trying include the cold roast pigeon, crispy duck and Welsh rarebit. Be sure to have a glass of the house Champagne to pull your whole delicious meal together.

1. The LedburyLondon1
Enjoy modern British cuisine in this Nottinghill restaurant with a tranquility you will love to bask in. The Ledbury is located right up the road from an Ottolenghi location, and is accessible by the Ladbroke Grove or Westbourne Park tube stop. If you enjoy innovative dishes paired with delicious fine wine then you’ve come to the right place. While here, you have to get the grilled mackerel with smoked eel or the Chinese water deer with smoked bone marrow. Pair these with a wine and you might just have the best meal of your life, which is why this restaurant was also named one of the 50 Best Restaurants in the World and why it is at the top of our list.



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