It’s no secret that coffee is one of Nicaragua’s largest exports. The rich volcanic soil is among the world’s most fertile and, kissed by a warm climate, nurtures vast expanses of plantations. The coffee beans are actually seeds of the berries that grow on the coffea plant. The seeds are extracted the berries, dried, and roasted before they are shipped to your friendly local barista.

Over the years, concern has grown over the practices used in cultivating coffee. In many areas, land is deforested and replaced with countless acres of coffee plants, stripping large tracts of land of its wildlife and biodiversity. Further, an abundance of water is used to grow the groves. That’s why many growers have partnered with the Rainforest Alliance, a network of farmers, foresters, communities, governments and others committed to, among other things, environmentally healthy ways of growing food that protect forests, wildlife, and climate while supporting communities and safeguarding human rights.

In Nicaragua, Discovery Tours gives you up-close access to a working coffee farm that embraces these fundamentals of compassionate farming. Certified by the Rainforest Alliance, Café Las Flores at La Hacienda El Progreso is one of the country’s most respected plantations, not least because it is set in one of the first areas in the country where coffee was planted and harvested. Draped upon the majestic slopes of Mombacho Volcano amid lush beauty, this fascinating little place accomplished big things. During your visit, you will witness the journey of the coffee bean from the moment it is picked and processed to the all-important roasting.

So important is the coffee farming tradition to Nicaraguan heritage and identity, many family farms have been preserved as landmarks. As for Café Las Flores, it has been owned and operated by the Palazio family for three generations. The Palazios migrated here during the 19th century from Italy, where coffee is a daily ritual, an essential ingredient of daily life. They brought their passion for the bean with them and their 21st-century descendants—Lucia, Alejandro, and Gian Marco—consider their hacienda not only a family legacy, but a special place where the history of Nicaraguan coffee has unfolded.

During our Discover Nicaragua small-group adventure, your small group will have the privilege of touring this very special coffee farm that holds a special place in the hearts of locals. We hope you join us for this unique trip … and, of course, for some of the world’s best coffee!

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