The Danube River runs through several countries in Europe, with the featured itinerary

Weissenkirchen village, Austria

having visited Germany, Austria, Hungary and Slovakia. A river cruise is a great way to travel if you enjoy seeing many different cities and countries, traveling through beautiful waterfront views and enjoying amenities on board while you are not at port. We caught up with Billy, a Gate 1 Travel employee, who recently enjoyed a Danube River Cruise, and we got the inside scoop on his trip!

Why did you choose the Danube River Cruise trip and what had you heard about the places it visits that made you decide on it?

Being able to go to 4 different countries on one trip was very appealing. I knew about the alpine landscape in Austria but I knew very little about the other destinations.

Shoenbrunn castle, Vienna, Austria

The Danube River is a very popular international travel destination, how was that reflected in your trip?

Our local guide told us that tourism is the number one industry in Austria. It was so beautiful I can see why everyone wants to go there.

What were some of the highlights of your trip?

My favorite city was Bratislava, Slovakia. The old architecture was so charming and it was very easy to walk around the city. We were lucky enough to catch a glimpse of the Lipizzaner Stallions in Vienna, Austria. The best thing was waking up each morning and having a different view out of our ship’s window.

What was your favorite meal or what food did you have that you really enjoyed or felt 

St. Stephan Cathedral, Vienna, Austria

was very authentic?

The best meal was lunch on the optional tour of Salzburg where we had authentic Wienerschnitzel. The best food was in Regensburg where we could smell the Bratwurst from outside the restaurant. They were delicious.

How was the shopping and did you visit anywhere specifically great for shopping?

There were local crafts to buy everywhere as well as more touristy shops. What I love is to buy local artwork while on vacations. Outside the Schonbrunn Palace, I purchased a one-of-a-kind painting from a local student that still hangs on my wall at home.

Passau, Germany

What travel tips would you give to someone preparing to go on this trip?

Do the optional tours! The Schonbrunn Palace Tour was amazing and really worthwhile.

How did you prepare for this trip?

I made sure to be ready to take a lot of photos and I was glad I did. Europe is beyond beautiful along the Danube River.

Would you go back?

Absolutely; but I also want to take the Gate 1 cruises on the Main and Rhine rivers and in Holland & Belgium during Tulip Time!

How was your tour manager and what were they like? In what ways did they effect your trip?

Our tour manager was great. He was very friendly and answered all our questions. He was very knowledgeable and funny too! I often hung out at the back of the group taking 

Schoenbuehel Castle, Danube river, Austria

photos and noticed that even when we had a local city guide, he was watching to make sure everything was going well.

What did you feel was the overall theme of your trip? 
Convenience. When most of your meals are included and the travel between cities happens while you sleep, all you have to worry about is waking up from your afternoon nap in time for dinner! We also only had to unpack one time. To top it all off our tour manager was always ready to answer questions or give suggestions.


Church of St. Elizabeth, called the Blue Church, Bratislava, Slovakia

How did being on an escorted tour effect your trip?

It was great to meet new people and have great conversations over meals.

Would you recommend this trip to family/friends?

I would recommend this trip to anyone; art & architecture lovers, history buffs, adventurers, and anyone who likes to have a good meal and drinks with new friends!

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