The Mayan people left a huge mark on parts of Central America through their culture, food and society. Tikal, Guatemala is one of the greatest Mayan ruin sites in all of Central America and is now a great source of pride and a national symbol to the people of Guatemala. Tikal is thought to have flourished around 200 – 850 A.D. and was abandoned thereafter. This enchanting complex houses such sites as Tikal Temple I, or the Temple of the Grand Jaguar, Tikal Temple IV and Mundo Perdido Pyramid.CZfZ56YWwAQnOfc

This week’s #g1photofriday was uploaded by user @ericsatisky using the hashtag #gate1travel. This ancient view was taken in Tikal, Guatemala.  Be sure to tag your photos on social media with #gate1travel or #g1photofriday to be featured. Check out Gate 1 Travel’s Guatemala trips here!

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