Welcome to Perito Moreno Glacier at Los Glaciares National Park, a UNESCO World Heritage Site! It is located just outside of Antarctica in Santa Cruz Provence, Argentina. This park, created in 1937, is the largest ice cap outside of Antarctica and Greenland with an ice field that controls the world’s third largest reserve of fresh water. While here, observe the glacier’s massive ice wall, almost three miles wide and over 240 feet high above the lake’s surface, from a cliff-side promenade that overlooks the constantly shifting ice.  The easy access to this site has crowned Perito Moreno as one of the most visited glaciers in the entire world.

This week’s #g1photofriday was uploaded by user @debrajmccoy using the hashtag #gate1travel. This icy scene was taken in Perito Moreno Glacier at Los Glaciares National Park, Argentina. Be sure to tag your photos on social media with #gate1travel or #g1photofriday to be featured. Check out Gate 1 Travel’s Croatia/Montenegro trips here!

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