Stunning hills of rock plunge into sweeping bays whose colors shift from emerald and jade to turquoise and deep blue. Sunlight glitters on the yacht-dotted water like diamonds. And a soothing Aegean warmth embraces you.

Kissed by breathtaking waters and ringed by jagged mountains, the coastal city of Fethiye is one of Turkey’s true gems. During its 12th-century heyday, when it was known as Makri, it was a producer of perfumes and a major commercial center with an active port of cargo ships coming and going. Even farther back, the ancient city of Telmessos was here. Suffice to say that Fethiye’s monuments to its rich past span the ages. Echoes of its history whisper in the city’s pretty marina and in the aromatic bazaars overflowing with lokum (Turkish delight), dates, and spices. 

But it’s Fethiye’s coastal splendor that keeps visitors coming back. Little wonder: Sailors, fishermen, and traders have been basking in in its intense beauty for millennia.

In our Discovery Tours small group, we can explore these spectacular shores to full advantage as we embark a traditional wooden Turkish yacht, or gület—privately chartered just for us! Our full-day cruise on this beautiful sailing vessel sets out into the Gulf of Fethiye, sailing among an archipelago of 12 scenic islands as the soaring peaks of the mainland watch your progress.

Settle in, relax, and drink in the splendid vistas from the uncrowded deck, a warm breeze in your hair. Because our gület is small, we can duck into small coves lined with sandy beaches and dive into the warm waters for a swim or a snorkel—as we may do off of Yassicalar (Flat Island) or in Akvaryum Koyu (Aquarium Bay). Drop anchor at Tersane Adasi (Shipyard Island) to explore some fascinating ancient ruins. Indulge in the mud baths of Kizilada (Red Island). And savor a delicious lunch of local delicacies as you explore. It’s the most relaxed and unhurried way to take in one of the world’s most picturesque coastlines.

For your comfort and convenience, all snorkeling equipment and towels are provided by the crew and you can choose a deck seat in a sun-lounger or enjoy the shade under a canopy. 

Join us for a coastal adventure unlike any other! We invite you to explore the stunning Turkish Riviera during our Turkish Odyssey adventure!

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