Beagle Channel is passage located in the Tierra del Fuego archipelago on the southern tip of South America. This strait separates the main island of Tierra del Fuego from the various other small islands around it. The Beagle Channel is one of three navigable passages that link the Pacific Ocean in the west to the Atlantic Ocean in the east, in the very southern tip of the continent of South America. See the vast beauty and experience mother nature up close while cruising through Patagonia and the Beagle Channel.

This week’s #g1photofriday was uploaded by user @ever_721 using the hashtag #gate1travel. This postcard-like photo was taken in Beagle Channel, Argentina. Be sure to tag your photos on social media with #gate1travel or #g1photofriday to be featured. Check out Gate 1 Travel’s Patagonia and Antarctica trips here!

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