In 1633, a plague was ravaging much of Europe. In an act of desperation and faith, the people of Oberammergau prayed to God that they would be spared. If they were saved, they promised in return that all the townspeople would reenact the life of Jesus Christ every ten years for eternity. Legend says that God complied, and so this tiny Bavarian village put up the first production of The Passion Play in 1634. 

Since then, the town has staged the world’s most spectacular depiction of the life of Jesus during every year ending in “zero.” The production, which runs from May through October, is as epic as the story it tells: more than 2,000 actors, singers, musicians, and stage technicians participate. In keeping with the promise made almost 400 years ago, all of them are residents of Oberammergau. 

Gate 1 Travel is proud to bring you there, so you too can participate in this centuries-old tradition. On select itineraries, you will visit this legendary town and attend a moving performance of the trial, death and resurrection of Christ in the town’s theater specifically built for this production.

Join one of our escorted Oberammergau tours, complemented by visits to Austria, the Czech Republic, Hungary, Switzerland, or Italy. Or delight in a leisurely river cruise along the romantic Danube, embarking in Budapest, Hungary, and sailing upriver—calling on the best-loved ports of Slovakia, Austria, and Germany. Your river cruise culminates with a journey to Oberammergau and its unforgettable Passion Play. Along the way, enjoy the deluxe amenities of our very own Monarch Empress.

Don’t miss this once-in-a-decade experience!

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