This week, the government in Brazil reported that citizens of the United States, Canada, Japan and Australia no longer need a visa to enter this South American country. This change will go into effect on June 17, 2019. Visitors traveling before that will still need to obtain the e-visa for about $40 USD, which can be found at On this date, visitors with a valid passport from these countries will be allowed to stay in Brazil for 90 days from their date of entry. They also have the possibility of requesting an extension of their stay not to exceed 180 days.

Before 2018, a visit to Brazil required a visit to the consulate but not any longer. This change, according to the media, is due to various measures being taken by Brazilian government to make visitation more accessible. It is theorized that the four countries chosen are strategic markets to develop Brazilian tourism, and therefore attract more tourists to the country. Brazil also has plans for events and campaigns catered specifically to US consumers to promote their country. Expect to see an increase in Brazilian travel offers on your social media feed.

There is no better time to plan a trip to Brazil than now. This country is one of the top growing destinations in the world and is about to become even more popular with this change. Take a trip to see São Paulo, Rio de Janiero, Iguazu Falls and the rest of the country with no worry of a visa beforehand!

Posted by Gate 1 Travel

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