Tokyo never leaves much to be desired, you can find just about anything you can imagine in this city. From fascinating places to eat, to trendy shopping, to world-famous markets, Tokyo, Japan will never bore. Join us on our list detailing some of the most fascinating and must-visit neighborhoods in this innovative city.

You may recognize the name of Tsukiji as the namesake to the fish market located there. This world-famous market contains aisle upon aisle of some of the freshest seafood in the entire world. It is a unique place to visit to view the seafood for sale but also a perfect place to have a snack! Not only does Tsukiji include the inner market, where the licensed wholesale market and auctions take place, but also the outer market that contains grocery stores, restaurants and shops. If you like sushi and want some of the freshest you can get, this is the place to indulge.

Shinjuku is the neighborhood home to the busiest train station in the entire world, Shinjuku Station. Many of the people from out of town coming to Tokyo arrive at this bustling train station first. This area contains a plethora of entertainment from restaurants to clubs and hotels. Park yourself at a bar in the Golden Gai, a network of 6 narrow alleys with over 200 bars, clubs and eateries squeezed into the small area. Hang out shoulder to shoulder with Japanese locals while enjoying local beverages, food or entertainment.

Welcome to the home of the busiest intersection in the entire world, Shibuya Crossing, in the district with the same name. This crossing is an excellent place to take pictures and get a feel for the insanity that is Shibuya Crossing. Shibuya is the center of culture and trends of Tokyo and contains the Shibuya 109 building with incredible shopping. This department store/building/mall is so popular and culturally important, it even had its own Emoji at one time.

Akihabara is the technology area of Tokyo and has become a haven for otaku, a young person obsessed with computers, and anime culture. Akihabara is a perfect place to look through the electronic stores and gaze upon the most up-to-date technologies available on the market. This district is the perfect place to witness the underground culture of Japan come to the surface and find some compelling high-tech gadgets.

If you like shopping, Harajuku is a must for you. Harajuku is notorious for its colorful and playful fashion stores and trendy cafes. Head down to Takeshita Street and be thrown into a world of kawaii (cute) and pop culture. Shops, cafes and desert stands are all plentiful on Takeshita Street. If trendy clothes are not your thing, head to one of the beautiful nature spots in the area and sit down to people watch. This might be one of the best places for people-watching in the entire world because people in Harajuku are known to dress in wild outfits.

Ginza is the fabulous and expensive part of the city where you can find the luxury designer and flagship stores including Sanrio World, Uniqlo, Apple, Yves Saint Laurent and more. The main street here is called Chuo-dori and is closed to traffic on weekend afternoons, so it is a perfect place to take a stroll and window shop while having free time.

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