Experiences you cannot have anywhere else are what makes a destination truly special. When you come to Morocco with Discovery Tours, an array of surprising delights awaits. Here is our list of can’t miss experiences for when in Morocco:

Discover tree-climbing goats:  The goats navigate the branches of the Argania tree so they can munch on its fruit

Meet the women of an Argan nut oil cooperative: Witness how a product loved around the world is made right where its source is grown

Call the Sahara home: During an overnight tented stay in the shifting sands of the world’s most iconic desert, stay at a bivouac, or tented campground

Ride the horse of the desert: Ride a dromedary camel amongst the sands of the Sahara

Fall under the spell of a Gnawa performance: Music blends with dance, poetry and spirituality in this indigenous African tradition

Witness the most inspiring failure in North Africa: View the unfinished 140-foot tall Hassan Tower in Rabat, which inspired Casablanca’s Hassan II Mosque Tower, the 7th largest mosque on earth

Encounter fire-eaters and snake-charmers: Djemaa el Fna Square in Marrakesh is a hugely popular pedestrian area with magicians, ape-handlers, and storytellers

Behold the school that makes Oxford look like a baby: Visit Al-Karaouine, established in 859, the world’s oldest degree-granting university still in operation

Walk onto the set Lawrence of Arabia: Ait Ben Haddou, located in the Ouarzazate Region, is one of the settings used for the iconic David Lean film starring Peter O’Toole

Enjoy a “Berber Foot Bath”: Soak your toes in saltwater warmed and scented with essential oils and seaweed

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