England has a storied past of incredibly wealthy, royal and down-right unbelievable citizens that have helped shaped the country considerably. From Her Majesty the Queen to William Shakespeare, there are no shortage of famous names in the UK. Our facts are plucked straight out of English history and they will give you an idea of what to expect when visiting these incredible, famous places.

Buckingham Palace

  • Located in the city of Westminster, this palace is the London residence of Her Majesty the Queen
  • It is also the administrative headquarters of the monarch
  • It remains a focal point at national times of rejoicing and mourning


  • Chartwell is the family home of Sir Winston Churchill
  • It now houses a museum and shrine to this beloved hero of WWII
  • The style of the home is inspired by Victorian and Tudor architecture

Hever Castle

  • Hever Castle is the childhood home of Anne Boleyn, the second of Henry VIII’s six wives
  • Anne Boleyn was queen for just 1000 days before she was beheaded
  • Anne’s daughter Queen Elizabeth emerged as one of the greatest monarchs in England’s history
  • Rooms here contain fine furniture, tapestries, Tudor paintings and incredible gardens


  • This medieval market town is the birthplace of William Shakespeare
  • A thatched cottage marks the spot where Anne Hathaway lived, Shakespeare’s wife
  • Henley Street contains the house where Shakespeare was born
  • A schoolroom where he was educated is here as well as the Guildhall with its outstanding timber-framed architecture
  • Plays are still performed here by the Royal Shakespeare Company

High Yewdale Farm

  • Located in the beautiful Lake District of England, High Yewdale was built in the 1690s
  • Beatrix Potter called this place home in the 1930s
  • Many of Potter’s furnishings are still located in the home


  • The final resting place of famous Lake Poet William Wordsworth is located here
  • He described Grasmere as “the loveliest spot that man hath found”
  • View 19th century architecture at the country church and Dove Cottage

Palace of Holyrood

  • In Edinburgh, Scotland, admire the Queen’s official Scottish residence
  • This baroque palace was once home to Mary, Queen of Scots and other Scottish royals
  • The grounds include the State Apartments, ruins of the 12th century Abbey and the Royal Gardens

Edinburgh Castle

  • This powerful jewel of the Scottish Monarchy sits high above the city of Edinburgh, Scotland in a majestic pose
  • The beautiful Crown Jewels are on display here in the Crown Room, you will not want to miss them

Stirling Castle

  • One of Scotland’s most historic sites and favored residence of the Stewart kings and queens
  • Visitors have flocked here for its renowned grandeur and immaculate gardens and sculptures

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