Upon planning a trip to Italy, most individuals fill their itinerary with crowded cities or wineries showcasing the finest aged wine. While these account for a large portion of the country’s tourism due to their charming stature and gripping architecture, there is more to the country beyond these typical destinations. On our slower-paced walking tour through the regions of Sorrento and Amalfi, travelers can experience a mixture of hilly terrain and coastal views while also indulging in cultural tours giving a behind-the-scenes look at Italy as a whole.

Although Italy’s coastal towns have picked up in tourism over the years, exploring these provinces by foot gives travelers a more authentic feel for the country and educates visitors on the sophisticated production of various cooking bases that contribute to the country’s full-flavored cuisine. On this tour, experience the vintage pull of these towns that appear as a polaroid picture brought to life.

A Hike With Views of the Mediterranean

Any successful hike must be paired with breathtaking views, and Sorrento’s hiking options are no different. As you begin to explore this country by foot, start out in the resort town of Ravello. This classy summertime retreat is home to cliffside gardens and stunning sunset views. Visit Villa Cimbrone, a 12th-century villa showcasing unrivaled views of the Mediterranean at any point in the day.

Although the calming atmosphere of this sophisticated village might tempt you to check in for the night, don’t pass up the opportunity to take a hike through Ferriere Valley, a nature reserve with promising views year-round and rare species candidly posing for photographs. Enjoy a picnic lunch before continuing your hike to the end-point of Piazza del Duomo in Amalfi, an open space with a cathedral and sculpted statue.

An Immersive Encounter With Olive Oil

Your walking tour continues in the idyllic village of Nerano, leading onto the Bay of Ieranto on a path rounding a mountain. On your way, your group will make a pit stop at an olive grove for a historical perspective of the surrounding villages. After a brief intermission, your hike will continue down aged rocky stairs to the Bay of Ieranto, where you’ll be able to indulge in a mid-day swim to recover from a day’s worth of walking.

Staying on theme with the day’s prior teasing of olives, your afternoon will consist of a deeper dive into the production of one of Italy’s favorite cooking staples: olive oil. Your group will visit an olive oil mill in order to grasp the phases involved in olive cultivation. Following this immersive cultural exchange, you’ll be able to taste this fresh olive oil with your group members, further understanding why it is a favorite ingredient of many.

Capri, The Path of Gods, and Lemons Galore

While in the Sorrento region, it would almost be offensive not to visit the island of Capri. Despite its rise in tourism, this beautiful island is a worthwhile addition to the trip. Avoid the tourists by hiking along the Pizzolungo trail to gain celebrated views of the coastline and Natural Arch.

The following day, your group will be transported to Bomerano, home of one of the most famous hiking trails known as the Path of Gods. Throughout this rocky seaside hike elevated above the colorful village below, you’ll be met with panoramic views of the region that the average tourist doesn’t get to see.

Just as Paris can’t be visited without indulging in a crepe, the Amalfi coast cannot truly be experienced without sampling one of the locale’s zesty lemons in some embodiment. For this reason, your hike will end in a trip to Tramonti, home of a lemon grove where the Amalfi lemon is produced. Indulge in the locally-grown fruit and taste the delightful lemon sherbet for a refreshing afternoon snack. While enjoying this local favorite in the afternoon sun, your group will also be welcomed by local entertainment, with dancers performing the “tammurriata,” a folk dance of Campania.

Final Farewell

Must all good things come to an end? To close out your unique tour of Italy, you’ll arrive in the small town of Termini, one of Sorrento’s least-explored boroughs. Even though the town does not attract much media attention, it has an inviting call to the slower-paced travelers. Spend your morning journeying to the lighthouse of Punta Campanella. You’ll be able to trek through an ancient Roman road in pursuit of the lighthouse, also spotting temple remains and scenic views.

As your day begins to conclude, you’ll embrace the country’s locally-sourced ingredients once more, stopping at Fossa di Papa farm for a final farewell dinner made from seasonal products.

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