Ready to pack your bags after reading yesterday’s escorted tour of Thailand post? We tracked down the Gate 1 packing guru for some tips on getting the biggest bang for your baggage.

Think long & light
After a glance at Thailand’s average temperatures, most people are tempted to bring along their shortest summer clothes. But our packing guru advises including pants, long skirts, and shawls or cardigans in your tour wardrobe. “Our itinerary included several temple visits, where conservative dress is required. I put a sheer shawl over my sundress, and the light fabric covered my exposed shoulders without making me overheat,” she says.


Leave the hair dryer at home
The Thai climate is tropical, meaning there’s potential for some hot, humid days. Avoid cramming your luggage with excessive hair products, hair dryers or a lot of makeup, our packing expert says. “You’ll save time, hassle and suitcase space.”


Block the rays
In a country with well over 200 sunny days per year, there’s a good chance you’ll soak up some sunlight while on tour. Our packing guru says sunglasses and sunscreen are a must – and don’t forget bug spray after sunset.


Simple shoes
Many temples require guests to remove their shoes upon entry. We recommend sneakers and shoes that slip on and off easily for a smoother sightseeing experience.


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