Welcome to Turkey, one of Gate 1 Travel’s most popular destinations. Here are a few highlights from this fascinating country:

  1. Istanbul

A city straddling two continents, Istanbul has been a cosmopolitan hub since its founding in 660 BC. See the magnificent Hagia Sofia, stroll the Galata Bridge, or strike a bargain on pashminas, gold bracelets or carpets in the famous Grand Bazaar.

2. Ruins

“The remains of extensive Roman metropolises and more Greek ruins than are found in Greece, provide marvelous insight into the prosperous civilizations which have flourished in the region through history,” Huffpost says. Highlights include the remains of Troy and Ephesus – our Turkish Treasures tour spends a full day perusing the ancient ruins.

3. Turkish Delight

Turkey’s most famous dessert, Turkish Delight is an amazing blend of rosewater, orange, cinnamon, or lemon in a delicious sugar gel candy.

4. Underground cities

Built into the limestone of Cappadocia to protect Christians from Roman invaders, these extensive cavern dwellings include everything from chapels to wine presses, plunging as much as 18 levels beneath the ground.

5. Crafts

Don’t leave Turkey without indulging in a few handmade souvenirs – the country boasts a rich history of handicrafts of all kinds, from hand-painted ceramic and carpet weaving to silk  spinning and leather work.

Come join Gate 1 Travel for a Turkey tour and you’re sure to find the perfect Turkish odyssey for you and your companions!

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