March 17th is right around the corner, and we’re turning the Gate 1 Travel Blog green this week ahead of St. Patrick’s Day. On Signature Collection’s Deluxe Ireland tour, we head to one of Ireland’s award-winning cooking schools, run by a noted Irish chef, where we learn the secrets of creating traditional Irish soda bread and scones. A hands-on baking experience is followed by a tasty country lunch, complete with your freshly baked bread and scones, accompanied by homemade jams. The recipe, of course, yours to take home.

Today, we’ve compiled the best recipes from across the web to help you prepare for your next adventure on the Emerald Isle!

Authentic Irish scones

Soda Scone – popular in Ulster, soda scones are made with baking soda-leavened flour for a dense texture. Find the recipe here.

Potato “tattie” scones are enjoyed in Ulster, Scotland and New Zealand. has a recipe for the Irish version, known as fadge.

Griddle scones – these delicious, pancake-like biscuits are cooked on a stove top rather than baked. Epicurious shows us how to make them with a tasty golden crust.

Savory scones come in all varieties, containing or topped with different combinations of cheese, bacon and onion. This recipe by Kitchen Confidante calls for gruyere, prosciutto & green onion.

Traditional Irish soda bread

The history of Irish soda bread is pretty complicated – it was first developed by the American Indians, and adopted by the Irish later as the cheapest bread to make during lean times.

The Food Network’s soda bread includes orange zest and dried currants, sometimes called “spotted dog” soda bread. You can find a more traditional recipe here.

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