Cities like New York, Chicago and Boston have among the biggest Irish pride parades in the world, but here are 5 other cities with bucket-list worthy St. Paddy’s Day celebrations.

5. Philadelphia

One of the most Irish cities in the country, Philly’s parade has been going strong since 1771, second only to New York and older than America itself! The Philly Phanatic keeps the green going all year long, but Philadelphians prepare for their parade a weekend in advance, dubbed “St. Practice Day”. Revel like a local on the annual Erin Express, a pub crawl sampling 20 or more of the city’s best bars.

4. Cabo Roig, Spain

The biggest St. Patrick’s Day celebration in Spain is in Cabo Roig, known for its Celtic history (Cabo Roig means “Bay of Scots”). Observe the parade from a cafe on the main thoroughfare, then celebrate into the night with contests, karaoke and flamenco dancing.

3. Erin, Tennessee

This tiny, appropriately named town of 1,300 residents boasts one of the largest St. Paddy’s celebrations south of Chicago. The weeklong event includes a carnival, demolition derby, “Shamrock Showdown”, a leprechaun parade, and a Celtic music concert.

2. Davenport, IA

This Quad City parade is the only bi-state parade in the country, drawing crowds of over 10,000 people along the parade route across the Mississippi river between Rock Island, Illinois and Davenport, Iowa. Join the post-parade bash following the Grand Parade for Irish dancing, music & merriment.

1. Montserrat, West Indies

Ireland’s huge diaspora has led to some amazing cultural fusions around the world. Montserrat’s week-long St. Patrick’s Festival coincides with the commemoration of a thwarted slave uprising, and features African & Irish musical performances, a freedom run, and a feast.


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