St. Patrick’s Day is almost upon us, and the Signature Collection team is dreaming of rolling green hills and lakeside Irish castles.

Ireland is one of those rare places that combines rural charm, traditions and picturesque landscapes with easy access to modern conveniences. We try to build this unique Irish quality into every aspect of our Ireland experience. We stay in centuries-old castles, like the Lough Eske Hotel & Spa in Donegal, and sprawling manor estates, like the Glenlo Abbey Hotel, nestled between rugged Connemara and vibrant Galway.

In Dublin, you’ll wake up in the ultra-modern Marker Hotel, and spend the day immersed in centuries of history, and spend your evenings enjoying the fabulous restaurants, vibrant nightlife and friendly pubs of the Irish capital.

We’ll visit one of Ireland’s award-winning cooking schools, run by a noted Irish chef, where we’ll create traditional Irish soda bread & scones. Our freshly baked breads will pair perfectly with our tasty country lunch & homemade jams.

After standing in awe of the 700-foot-tall Cliffs of Moher overlooking the crashing surf of the Atlantic, we’ll indulge in an exclusive evening of Irish music in an intimate country setting on the shores of Galway Bay, where renowned musicians teach us about authentic Irish music.

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