Croatia is quickly becoming one of the most desirable countries to visit due to its ancient architecture, glistening blue waters, mild climate and friendly culture. Taking a cruise means that you are able to see more of the country while still having the comfort of an intimate cruise ship at your disposal. The ship will take you effortlessly from port to port either overnight or between stops, while you sit back and enjoy the amenities on-board. If we haven’t convinced you of an Adriatic Sea Cruise yet allow us to highlight the top ten areas you will discover while exploring the coast of Croatia.


10. Hvar
In Hvar you will discover one of the most spectacular islands in the world. It is the home of the very first public theater in Europe, Hvar Theater. You can also chose to discover white, sandy beaches in a Mediterranean climate surrounded by blue waters at Dubovica Beach or Zavala Beach. Stop in a “Hvar konoba” or small inn, for a real taste of Croatian culture and fare with some wine and olives too!

9. Mljet National Park
Next is the greenest place in all of Croatia, Mljet National Park. The park covers Island Mljet’s western wooded area and encompasses two deep bays connected by a narrow channel. Here you must take notice of the two salt water lakes Veliko and Malo Jezero (Large and Small Lake) that border the park. Be sure to explore the Benedictine Monastery, that was erected in the 12th century and is now a cafe/restaurant.

8. Korcula
You’ve arrived in Korcula after traveling seamlessly from port to port on your ship . Here you will explore the sixth largest of Croatia’s islands that is 20 miles long and between 4 and 5 miles wide on average. The main towns of the island include Korcula Town, or “Little Dubrovnik” thanks to its medieval squares and architecture, Vela Luka and Lumbarda. While in Korcula, things to visit include the Land Gate, which is the entrance to the Old Town to the South, St. Mark’s Cathedral, Abbey Treasury and Marco Polo’s House!

7. Dubrovnik
Welcome to your new favorite city in the Mediterranean; Dubrovnik, Croatia. This medieval city sits at the bottom of the country, in the region of Dalmatia and borders the Adriatic Sea. Sites that are a must see in Dubrovnik include the Walls of Dubrovnik, Rector’s Palace, the Franciscan Monastery’s Pharmacy and the Old City, that is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Make sure you have a drink and a bite to eat in a local restaurant and take in the enchanting sights around you in this town known as the “Pearl of the Adriatic”.


6. Bol – Golden Horn
You’ve enjoyed some tanning and relaxing on your ship, but now it’s time for a swim in Bol, Croatia, home to the Zlatni Rat, or Golden Cape. This unique beach protrudes out 500 meters, or 1/3 of a mile, into the Adriatic Sea. The beach is golden because it is covered in pebbles and long because the wind and water current shape it. Find yourself surrounded by locals and visitors alike to behold the beauty of one of the best loved beaches in the country.

5. Split, Croatia
The capital of Dalmatia is a beautiful and ancient city called Split that is the country’s second largest city, after Zagreb. While in Split, make it a point to see the Diocletian’s Palace, cobblestone streets, medieval churches, the Veli Varos neighborhood and seaside promenade, where you can relax at a cafe. If laying on the beach is more your style, visit Bacvice neighborhood where there are several excellent beaches. This neighborhood also has a huge nightlife scene that you will not want to miss!

4. Trogir
Step off your luxurious boat because it has brought you effortlessly to Trogir, Croatia, on the island of Ciovo. It is an easily accessible town that has a pedestrianized historic town center that is akin to an outdoor museum. Here you will view intricate facades, ornate churches and palaces, gates from the Renaissance and streets from medieval times. While exploring the town of Trogir do not forget to see the Cathedral of St Lovro, Lucic Palace and Radovan’s Portal.

3. Krka National Park
The Krka National Park is a 68 mile area that is located in central Dalmatia. It includes the Krka River and its preserved or insignificantly altered ecosystems. This lush green park includes seven magnificent waterfalls, parts of the Dinara mountain range, Fortress Ruins and Visovac Island that includes the Franciscan Monastery of Our Lady of Mercy and the Church of Our Lady of Visovac. Talk a leisurely walk in this rich area full of natural beauty that cannot be compared.


2. Kornati
Welcome to an archipelago including 147 uninhabited islands and islets, the Kornati Islands. This natural park only encompasses a land area of 44 square miles and is marked by steep cliffs, making the coastline extremely unique. Here you will find remains of early churches, medieval fortifications and settlements from the Neolithic period. Explore this magnificently dramatic area that has absolutely no hotels and no ferries, so you are very lucky to see it!

1. Zadar
Our trip is coming to an end but we’ve saved one of the best for last with the culturally rich city of Zadar. The city is surrounded by Venetian gates and historical ramparts that will take you back to olden times in the best way. Many of the cobblestone streets were designed specifically for pedestrians so you can take a walk through history. While in Zadar, must sees include the St. Donatus Church, Saint Anastasia’s Cathedral, Fosa, The City Walls and Gates of Zadar and Rector’s Palace. Settle into a cafe or pastry shop as your trip comes to an end. While here, it’s a perfect time to start planning your next trip to the unforgettable country of Croatia.

We’re giving you a bonus city because this is a city you do not want to miss, especially while cruising and exploring the incomparable Adriatic Sea. Sibenik is a seaside town that is located about 50 miles north of Split. It is the third largest city in Dalmatia behind Dubrovnik and Split but it has just as much personality as its bigger siblings. This lively and exciting city has a deep bay that protects it, making it one of the most naturally protected harbors on the Adriatic Sea. Things that you cannot miss in Sibenik include the Cathedral Sveti Jakov, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, St. Barbara and St. Fran church, and many town squares and palaces. Architecture from the Renaissance and cathedrals made from stone make this town the epitome of a seaside Adriatic town you do not want to skip over.


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