Since we can’t travel right now, we thought we’d check-in with one of our videographers and get his take on some of his favorite videos. Enjoy the first in this series, from Larry, one of our videographers:

Over the past 5 years, I’ve traveled on forty-five Gate 1 trips around the world as a videographer for Gate 1. I film the trips, interview the guests and edit the final video as a one-person film crew.

For me, these videos are very personal because every one of these shots has a memory associated with it. Whether it’s the local person I filmed or getting up at 4 am to go film a sunrise or the laughs I had with my fellow travelers. If you’ve been on a Gate 1 tour then you know how quickly you the group becomes like a family. I miss that connection.  

If you’re like me and you ache to travel again, I thought it might be fun to share with you some of the videos I’ve made and some of the experiences I had making the video.  Sort of a virtual vacation for the soul until we can travel again.   Today I will share with you a Discovery trip I filmed in Morocco.  Morocco is one of my favorite destinations in the world and is a paradise for any photographer. Each day, you feel like you are traveling through a movie set. The real challenge is having too many options for great shots and figuring out what you should focus on. So many rich colors and the architecture is incredible.  One of my fondest moment from this trip was our time in the Sahara desert. To film the camel ride through the Sahara desert I had to run alongside the people as they rode, which was one step forward and half a step back in the sand. And then there was the entertainment that night by the locals and the stars over our camp in a sky too big to fit your eyes around and the peaceful calm of the sunrise and filming the men walking their camels across the dunes, the sun rising behind them. It was as exhausting as it was thrilling to be filming it all.

Enjoy the video!


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