Our second installment of our virtual travel days checking in with one of our videographers, Larry on some of his favorite videos!

Virtual Travel Day 2: Southern Italy

There’s good reason Italy is loved around the world.  The history, the natural beauty, the people, THE FOOD!  

Many years ago I went to school in Florence, Italy studying International Business.  I liked the sound of ‘International Business’ and thought it would mean I would be traveling around the world and ending each workday with my toes in the sand and a drink in my hand.  But I quickly realized that business was not my thing – so I switched to film school instead- unsure how that would work out for me.  I’ve since returned to Italy many times as a paid camera guy and I have to admit, it feels like I made the right decision.  

I love all of Italy but Southern Italy has a special place in my heart because everything there just feels more…Italian :).    Many have been to the Amalfi coast, which is INCREDIBLE but I especially liked our time in the less traveled heel of the boot.   Metara is one of the longest inhabited cities in the world and is made of a complex of cave-dwellings.  I explored the narrow corridors of Matera for hours waiting for the light rain to clear just long enough to safely get my drone in the air for some shots.  As I walked past the cafes and inhaled the scents of fresh bread and gelato and heard the local kids laugh as they played and the elderly men sitting together on a bench that I imagined they must sit on every day about that time of day- I was overwhelmed by gratitude to be there.   It’s funny how some of our most precious travel memories are the little unexpected moments like these.  


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