Virtual Travel Day 3: Kenya & Tanzania Safari

This was my first time on an African Safari and it remains one of the most memorable trips that I have been on. To see these animals in the wild is an experience that’s indescribable. I’d be filming a lion and have to keep reminding myself, ‘This isn’t a zoo- you are filming a real lion in the wild!’ What an absolute thrill!  

And then to film and hang out with the people in the Masaai tribe in Kenya was such a cool experience. After I interviewed one of the tribe leaders, we sat and talked off-camera for about an hour. We shared stories about our culture and laughed together and it reminded me how much more alike we are than different. These personal connections that I make with people all over the world are what I like most about my work.  

The people in Kenya and Tanzania are some of the kindest you will ever meet. If you are the type of person who doesn’t smile much, that will change when you go to Africa. Because their smiles are infectious and they will fill your heart with joy.

– Larry

Post-script Safari Camera Tips: 

  • For most people, an inexpensive point and shoot camera and with a zoom lens will get you great results. Some people get great shots with their phone cameras. 
  • If you have a DSLR and are interested in taking great photos on a Safari, but you don’t have a good telephoto lens- I would recommend RENTING A LENS vs BUYING A LENS. You can rent a lens online for the duration of the trip and save hundreds or thousands of dollars. You can even rent a camera and a lens. For most people, the type of telephoto lens that you’d use on a Safari is not one you would use on your other travels- better to save money so you can travel more.   
  • For camera stabilization on the side of the vehicle, I pack an empty bag (that won’t break or leak). When I get to the destination, I buy inexpensive dry rice or beans to make a bean-bag that I lay on the side of the safari vehicle to stabilize the camera. This is much quicker than a monopod. 

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